Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Animals, Trash, Litter or Money

The sign in my doctor's waiting room [1] reads:

"Always be sure to wash your hands after handling animals, trash, litter or money"

And I imagine a religion where all currency is considered impure, so that even to hold a dollar bill in your hand is to commit a mortal sin requiring complex rituals of purification. A religion where all commercial transactions are done on faith alone, and the priests burn incense night and day, to get the smell of money out of their temples.

I imagine a superhero so incorruptible, so unimaginably pure, that the offer of the smallest coin in payment (or bribe) will act like kryptonite on his powers, sapping him of all his strength.

I imagine my fingers touching notes pulled from inside a mattress, sweaty with insomnia and love making, crumpled with greed.

[1] No, I'm not ill. It was just a routine check-up.



Anonymous said...

Sounds a bit like Ramakrishna Paramhans..

:) said...

i have an OCD about washing my hands after touching money.

especially when the notes are produced from the inside of a sweaty cabbies pocket. or from the bosom of a macchiwali. or from that guy at work who digs his nose. or from the shopkeeper who first licks his fingers and then counts the change.

sometimes when i look at a note and see a splotch of fadded red-brown on it, i wonder, is it blood? how did the guy die? was he run over by a train? or was it a road accident? or was he shot? or maybe he was stabbed?
or is it just a paan stain?
or somebodies nosiee?

but you're right. the dirtiest notes are those crisp new ones that are thrown at girls in bars, and exchanged under the table. The ones that buy little girls and arms. The ones that buy your soul.

ok enough now.
i think i need a bath.

Anonymous said...

Liked the comment by :) more than the post. Money inspires great comments. So money is great. great things arent dirty. so money aint dirty. And i wont wash my hands off it.

ggop said...

So money gets added to icky bacteria/virus breeding places like the humble kitchen sponge and door handles. (which are "dirtier" than toilet seats apparently, you know how some women obsess about using the toilet seat cover, ok Too much info here)

km said...


The Black Mamba said...

What about keyboards? and kids that pee/poop in their diapers while you are holding them..eew..

Lakshmi said...

Have heard that money is one of the filthiest things one can touch, literally speaking...

Anonymous said...

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