Friday, August 04, 2006

An Unknown Master

From last week's issue of the New Yorker - this incredible short story by Alberto Mendez (translation of Wikipedia profile here), a Spanish writer I'd never heard of before and who has, apparently, never been published in English before. (Dammit!)

“Violence and pain, rage and weakness eventually blend into a religion of survival, a ritual of hope, in which killer and killed, victim and executioner intone the same psalm; already we speak only the language of the sword or the language of the wound.”
Absolutely brilliant stuff. Go read.


In other links, this ad for participation in a research study (courtesy: JAP). I especially love the bit about being 'rigorous'. It's research like this that makes me wish I could make a more active contribution to science.



ZJ said...

You've never read anything by Mendez before? Not even Los Girasoles Ciegos? Shame on you dirty philistine!

Sony Pony said...

indeed, wonderful...

Falstaff said...

zj: :-(. What can I say - I'm ashamed. My only excuse is that I understand all of four words of Spanish, so reading a Spanish author who has never been published in English is a leetle difficult.

sony pony: :-).

Anonymous said...

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