Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Overkill / It's things like this that make me love my life

The cinema theatre I frequent [1] in Philly offers three types of discounts:

1) Wednesday shows are discounted by 40%

2) Afternoon matinees are discounted by 40%

3) Students get a 40% discount, except on Friday and Saturday nights.

Watching Woody Allen's Scoop this afternoon (my review here), I was eligible for all three discounts [2]. It was such a good feeling.


In other news, the next couple of months look pretty exciting movie-wise. Among the 'Coming Soon' trailers I watched this afternoon, was the new Depardieu-Deneuve collaboration, the Bukowski-inspired Factotum [3], and an intriguing french film called La Moustache about (apparently) a man who shaves off his moustache and finds that no one notices.

Good stuff.

[1] I was going to say patronise, but that introduces a whole other dimension, doesn't it?

[2] Obviously I only got an overall 40% discount. It would have been an even better feeling if they'd actually paid me $2 to watch the film, but that's hoping too much.

[3] Honestly, I have some reservations about this one, but hey, it's Bukowski.


Szerelem said...

theres just something about French movies. oh well, theres just something about the french.

Am in India at the moment and the only movie releasing is Karan Johars Kabhi Alvida Na Kahena. Am sick of all the publicity and marketing.

Nikhil Pahwa said...

Will look out for Factotum. Thanks.

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

I liked Factotum the movie. Haven't read the book though - have you?

? said...

have seen factotum.



n said...

La Moustache sounds the best. Its like when u get that new haircut and u think ur hair's really shining n bouncing and unmissable..but noone sees. :D

Falstaff said...

Szerelem: you won't get any argument from me about French films.

Unrest cure: You're welcome.

Shoe-fiend: No, haven't read the book. Think Bukowski is generally entertaining and occasionally brilliant, so figure it couldn't be that bad. I tried looking for the book in my library and they don't have it, which in itself set off some alarm bells - I mean, this library has EVERYTHING.

?: Ah, well. This just means that I will watch the movie and then rant about it.

n: agree. Noticing haircuts - that's a whole other post.

ggop said...

I don't know - I have this (bizarre and maybe unfounded) impression of French films, the experience is similar to listening to Radiohead. They make me want to kill myself :-)

ggop said...

You may like the Fanny Trilogy too. It was highly recommended by a French friend. This is what Netflix says

"Director Marcel Pagnol's trilogy meditates on the pain and beauty of love."


The Black Mamba said...

After The Last Metro, I don't think its going to get any better. Like what you had to say about Scoop, it might be the best movie they make in a decade, but will never be their best. :(

La Moustache - now that seems intriguing(?!).

Oh, btw, don't they have a frequent movie watcher pass too? :)

Swathi said...

how did u like Barfly?

anurag said...

La Moustache's reminds me of Gogol's 'Nose'.

Neela said...

tell me when you're going to watch La Moustache. I even promise to be on time.


Falstaff said...

ggop: oh, I don't know. I think there's a fairly wide range within French films. I can't imagine anyone watching the Antoine Doniel series and wanting to kill themselves. Thanks for the recco though. Will watch. So many movies, so, well, not so little time.

BM: No, they don't unfortunately. Yes, it's pretty certain to be their best movie in a decade, given that it's their only movie in a decade (actually their first movie since The Last Metro). But they don't have to be better than that. Frankly, I wasn't that impressed with Depardieu in The Last Metro - I think he's grown considerably as an actor since then. And it's been a while since I've seen Deneuve in anything.

Swathi: Aaarghh! Haven't watched. :-(. Many thanks for the cite. Will add it to my Netflix list today.

Anurag: Yes.

Neela: Ah, you've surfaced again, have you? Of course, with pleasure. Since it's in French anyway, I suppose the fact that we'll inevitably miss the starting credits because you'll be just a little late won't matter too much.

The One said...

I think Woody Allen just tops the charts when it comes to my kind of movies; but Annie Hall remains a personal favourite. Of course, out here availability is a minor issue.

You're right about the french though. Recently saw Jeux d'enfants and Appartement, L'. Delightful and recommended!