Thursday, August 24, 2006


"I often think there should be a superhero called Whateverman. Not an action hero like Superman or Spiderman, but an inaction hero, a hero of resignation."

"Is there a comma between 'Whatever' and 'Man'?

"Only when he can be bothered to speak, which, believe me, isn't often. When someone screams, 'There's a meteor headed straight for us! It's the end of all life on Earth!' he says, 'Whatever, man' with a comma in between. But when he is invoked, during an episode of ethnic cleansing, or paranoid schizophrenia, as in, 'this is a job for Whateverman', it's all in one word."

"Does he have a cloak?"

"God, no. He wears the same old jeans and T-shirt year in year out."

- from Edward St. Aubyn's delightful new novel Mother's Milk (review coming soon on Momus)

Other unlikely superheroes on 2x3x7: 1, 2

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km said...

LOL...why does it vaguely remind me

Swathi said...

looking forward to that review on Momus.

that 'ode to the beard' was a priceless read , thanks to ur link.

gauravonomics said...

I have been thinking of writing a post on "Bloggers With Pseudonyms or Superheroes With Cloaks" for a while now. Your post might just have put and end to the procastination.

shamash said...

I want to be Whatever_Woman.
The heavy super-cloak can be tiring.

whateverman said...

hey i thought i was d only whateverman in d world lolll i just wrote whateverman on google n see d magic there is some more whateverman with cloak ..........
there is only one whateverman in this world and that one is from whateverland loll na'mean

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