Thursday, August 03, 2006

Half a dozen

Saw this the other day (via Shoe-fiend) - a link to the Hemingway Challenge. A short story in six words. Since I've never been able to resist a challenge, here goes:


His letter arrived, signed with bulletholes.


Afterwards, even the roses were bloodstained.


"What? You call that a ring?!"


She's five. He likes them young.


"Heads." "Right. It'll be decapitation then."


His cyanide pill was a placebo.

P.S. My apologies for the slightly macabre tone of these stories (?). It is the Hemingway challenge after all. Is bullfight one word or two, I wonder?



jhantu said...

Been to uour blog for the first time and its pretty great, why the 2X3X7 in the name though?

dazedandconfused said...

"What? You call that a ring?!" was not macabre at all.

It could be in an ad, even maybe Fair n Lovely, some day?!

Swathi said...

oh! i wanted to do this one too...afterall who can resist Hemingway but now I blame my busy travel schedule for the delay.

btw,I liked the 4th one.

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

No 4 was chilling. No. 1 was good too. I found this one very hard to do. I could only come up with 2 and I don't think that they were stories in any sense of the word.G

mk said...

I found No.4 chilling too-the exact word. No.6 seemed hilarious in the second before it hit me. Most of the others are gory good. No. 5 reminds me of this animated book "cooking to kill"-"We're having the Joneses for dinner."

shamash said...

I think #6 has GREAT potential.

sashi said...

Falstaff, you may be interested in taking a look at this book. Your pithy lines were bein!

Falstaff said...

jhantu: Thanks. 2x3x7 gives you the prime factors of Life, the Universe and Everything - which is pretty much what this blog is about.

d&c: :-). Depends on what the ring was made of, no?

swathi: Thanks. And come on, how long could it take to pen six words?

shoe-fiend: Yes, it's hard isn't it? And the six word limit seems kind of arbitrary. I could be a lot more comfortable with one sentence stories or something.

mk: Thanks. And well, I did think No. 6 was kind of funny, but it's a well-established fact that I have a particularly macabre sense of humour.

shamash: Thanks.

sashi: Thanks for the cite. Looks interesting. :-).

Sony Pony said...

I liked numero cinco the best:)

At first I read it's a six-sentence story-challenge...which was kinda interesting too.

Anonymous said...

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