Thursday, April 12, 2007

I loved a certain blogger

[Poetry Request # 7]

Might as well get all the Dickinson out of the way.

I loved a certain blogger
but never knew his name -
as subtle as the seasons,
as intimate as rain -

as various as the clouds
that change with every eye -
as clear as the sunlight
as constant as the sky.

Full-hearted as a summer
that ripens all it touches;
gentle as the autumns that
surprise the tree with blushes.

Deliberate as winter winds
that pluck their leaves with care
his words like foliage tremble
anticipated air.

Necessary as shadows
proclaiming the self's height;
anonymous as windows
that vanish in the night.


Space Bar said...
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Space Bar said... i go again. check this out:

drifting leaf said...

hey fal can you do a kaifi azmi... maybe about people you see just once in passing but remain with you forever...

Scarlett said...

Not quite what I thought
Thank You. :)))