Wednesday, April 25, 2007

When the Dinosaur met King Kong

[Poetry Request # 13]

Again, I seriously doubt this is what Sandeep had in mind, but well.

It comes down to this - trapped between the
prehistoric lizard of religion
and a superpower gone ape, between
a past we thought we were done with and
the radioactive beast of the
future - we are bystanders, easily
killed; footnotes to the ideologies
that stomp through our streets, turning cities
to battlefields, adding casualties
up in a skyline of histograms.

What saves us, in the end, is not
ingenuity, but insignificance.
Our fame is too small a mouthful,
and the present proves too quick.
Unnoticed by eras our lives slip away.
We are spared because we do not matter,
are too many to count; emerge uncrushed
from beneath the downtreading days,
not certain how or why we escaped
but grateful, anyway, to be alive.


Anoc said...

Very relevant. "footnotes to the ideologies... what saves us is not ingenuity, but insignificance."
I love it.

Sandeep said...

thanks buddy. Liked wat u wrote....though what i was looking for was something humourous cos i thot thats the only thing possible with this topic. But you proved me wrong :)
keep going....