Thursday, April 05, 2007


Okay, here's the second poem. (requests still open here).

CSM: sorry I can't do Kabir - the dialect is beyond me. Hopefully this is compensation enough.

Dekhte dekhte andhera bhi darkhashaan ho gaya.
Tu mili nahin, tera tasavvur hi nashaa ho gaya.

Kitni hai rahtein dekho, yon gum bhulaane ki
Bujha sooraj to jalwa-e-kehkashaan ho gaya.

Chehra dekha hai kisne meri is majboori ka
Dil mera toota is tarah, ki sheeshaa ho gaya.

Peete the khwab hum, ummeed se dil behlane ko
Ummeed mit gai, to peena hi peshaa ho gaya.

Madhoshi andaaz bhi hai apna, illat bhi,
Nahin kehte kehte dekho, hameshaa ho gaya.


Shirsha said...

awesome! are u just one person doing all this variety!?

km said...

Dil mera toota is tarah, ki sheeshaa ho gaya.

I got a hunch there's some serious female reader action coming your way. :D

sr said...

can someone present a literal translation of this pls :)

jj said...

Tu mili nahin, tera tasavvur hi nashaa ho gaya. :) nice!!

Now that I've seen what you can do with Urdu, I would request you to write something on say..... tark, tark-e-muhabbat, tark-e-havas, tark-e-vafaa, khayaal-e-tark,..... :D take ur pick!

jj said...

is it fine to post a request here? or shud I go back and post in the relevant thread?

Falstaff said...

shirsha: Sure. Just li'l ol' me. And trust me, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

km: Naah! I found out long ago that all that stuff about women going for guys who write poetry is just talk.

sr: Yes, will do.

ii: Actually it's probably best if you post your request to the main post. Otherwise I'm likely to forget.

Glad you liked the ghazal.

drifting leaf said...

you are something dear fal... continue to amaze me...

Heh Heh said...

Dude, in the almost-decade that i've known you, i never realized you could do *this* with Urdu.

csm said...

f - nice one.

you comment saying "you aint seen nothing yet" and you are ducking under this dialect thing :-)

so waiting

perspective inc said...

Urdu too??!!??! Am impressed!

ra said...

Nahin kehte kehte dekho, hameshaa ho gaya
one of those quotable quotes