Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Oh, and all the fish

Seeing as it's Thanksgiving tomorrow (and given my passion for making lists in general) I figured I'd be all traditional and do the soppy 'things I'm thankful for' post. So here's my list (are supposed to check it twice even if it's not Christmas?) of the 20 things I'm most grateful for in my life (in no particular order):

1. Doppios

2. High speed Internet

3. My parents [1]

4. Happy Hours (read: $1 pints and 50% off on all shots)

5. Msrs. Neruda, Auden, Plath, Eliot, Walcott and Faiz

6. Mozart

7. The Far Side

8. The New Yorker

9. Janus Films (aka the Criterion Collection)

10. My iPod

11. The Philadelphia Orchestra

12. A 30% decline in my cholesterol levels over the last year (despite # 4 and # 15)

13. Being able to come home to an empty house

14. Central Heating

15. Dark Chocolate

16. Free shipping on Amazon

17. Whitman

18. "All things counter, original, spare, strange; / Whatever is fickle, freckled (who knows how?) / With swift, slow; sweet, sour; adazzle, dim"

19. Free talktime after 9 pm on weekdays (and all day on weekends)

20 Blogspot.


[1] My mom wrote in in response to yesterday's post saying how she agreed with me and was glad to know that sex wasn't beneath my dignity, but complaining about how my post would give people the impression that my parents are uncool! If that doesn't drive home the point by itself, let me say for the record that I have the coolest parents. Ever. So there.


absolutely clueless said...

so virtue of #15, and the fact that no one else in the world buys u things coz u r so RUDE to them...u r basically grateful for me :)!
ouch ouch...ok MR, stop shooting those virtue of #19 hes grateful for u too....and we all know how conversation is sooooo much more important than anything else....right? heppy? (phew! thank God- and the pilgrims- for the Atlantic!)...

Falstaff said...

Clueless: But of course I'm grateful for you, love - I keep telling you - you're the most interesting single woman I know (mostly because you're the only single woman I know, but still).

#19 doesn't mean I'm grateful for who I'm talking to. Just that if I'm going to talk them anyway, then it might as well be free.

meditativerose said...

Idiot ... what am I .. chopped liver?? I am single until I say I'm not ...

Also, you forgot public library...
sigh .. what would you do without me ...

Mrudula said...


Falstaff said...

MR: Tch. Tch. Such denial. Sure you're single. If single is defined as doing pooja together on Diwali and throwing joint parties where he cooks the rice and you cook the other stuff (not to mention going on long romantic bike rides into the country together).

And last time I checked, the public library wasn't a single woman - despite the discussion on Veena's blog. And yes, the public library would have made my top 20 list if I didn't have to be more grateful for the fact that my phone bills are still manageable despite spending large parts of my evening talking to you about the relationship you claim not to have.

As for what I would do without you. That's what clueless and I were discussing before you barged in. What do we have to do? Get a room?

Heh Heh said...

hah. thank the Good Lord i'm not single. there's seventeen of us.

Anonymous said...

Your mom does sound cool. I adore my parents, but I could never tell them all about Cheshire Cat, it would distress them too much (not that they've been spared distress thus far...). Perhaps one problem with having cool parents is that there's no fun in rebelling?

The idea of finding sex beneath one's own dignity is fascinating, but unfortunately it can only be an idea. That's the worst thing about growing up: ideas begin to lose their reality.

Falstaff said...

Anon: No, it just means you rebel in different ways. If you know your parents are going to be okay with your coming home staggering drunk at three in the morning you stay at home, eating celery sticks and listening to Bach, then insist that the whole house goes to sleep at 10 pm. That really gets to them :-)

Anonymous said...

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