Monday, November 07, 2005

The ups and downs of life

Why are people so stupid?

Every two or three days there'll be someone who'll come up to me just as I've got into the elevator and ask "Going Down?". By itself, this would not be a totally unreasonable question. I mean, sure, there's a big yellow arrow pointing down that's flashing on top of the open door, which you would think might be a clue, but okay. Maybe you're colour blind. Maybe you've never figured out what those pesky arrow things are for. Maybe you've never been able to tell your up from your down. Maybe you're afraid of heights and can't bear to look up to see what's on top of the door. Maybe you saw the arrow but thought you would triangulate. Just in case some secret terrorist organisation had rigged the sign on top of the elevator JUST to fool you. Maybe.

The trouble is, I live on the top floor of my building. Top floor - meaning nothing overhead except God's blue sky, meaning the end of the line, meaning the lift stops here. The lift cannot be going anywhere but down because there is nowhere else for it to go! Yet every second day someone will ask. They even manage to look surprised when I tell them it is, as though it were some sort of lucky chance that they happened to catch it on its way down. Somedays I'm tempted to say, "No, going up" and leave them stranded there.



Mrudula said...


aquamarine said...

haha..happens.Life's like that


aquamarine said...


infact, when you are stepping out of the building with your bags and keys for everyone to see, people will still walk upto you and ask, "Going out????"

Falstaff said...

AquaM: Yes, that's happened to me as well. Another reader sent me an e-mail saying that she'll be standing in the lift and someone will come up to her and ask "going up" to which she'll say "no" at which point they'll promptly step in and press the button for the 14th floor.

It almost makes you give up on Evolution doesn't it?

aquamarine said...

yeah i almost did!!!