Thursday, February 09, 2006

Have you ever had one of those days...

...when you're so rushed off your feet that lunch is couple of energy bars and you end up throwing the bar itself in the trash and walking on with the wrapper in your hand and only realise it when you're half way to your next meeting?

Ah, well.



aquamarine said...

well, I have something similar to share about an absent-minded friend of mine (she is worse than me).
We had some leftover food which, the two of us decided to feed it to the office dog. So we wrapped the food in a sheet of paper and took it downstairs. But our man had disappeared and hence we went looking for another hunger stricken animal and we found one in that afternoon heat. My friend in her enthusiasm to conserve paper, threw the food in a sandy but clean location. She did not realise it until I pointed it out!It was left to the poor dog to find its way around that sand laden food!
Yet another time, sumone I knew in her forgetfulness, threw the banana and retained the skin, yeah, it was too late by then!

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

'one' of those days? More like every day. :(

Accidental Fame Junkie said...

Yes, I have had those days. Whatever it is, it won't last.

ozymandiaz said...

Or worse yet half way thru the wrapper before you notice...

Veena said...

I have had more than one of those days and I am sure you have too in your earlier life but pray, tell me how exactly does a jobless doctorate student get to have such a day? What next? The world is flat?

Heh Heh said...

"If i wanted to work hard, i would still have been with The Firm."
So said someone to me once.

Falstaff said...

AquaM: :-).

Shoe-fiend: God! How do you survive?

AFJ: True.

Oz: Ya, well, with low-fat energy bars there isn't that much to choose between them anyway.

Veena: I'm not just jobless PhD student, I'm also Super TA - able to deliver centuries of accumulated gyaan to hapless MBA students (half of whom have more work-ex than me) in a single bound. That's where the rushing about comes from.

And life was different in my earlier days. For one thing, I would never have considered eating anything as healthy as an energy bar. Much more likely to do the letter-box thing - you know, where you grab a slice of pizza out of the box and go running to a meeting while posting it into your face. (thus setting off a new fashion phenomenon of jalapeno covered ties)

Heh heh: Really? Someone actually said that? Some people have such strange, misguided notions, no.

(did you see the latest PhD strip? It's SO true).