Friday, February 03, 2006

When we dead wake

The new episode of Xombie is out.

For the uninitiated, Xombie is this awesomely cool animated feature on the web - part Matrix, part H.G. Wells, part Dawn of the Dead. An apocalyptic vision of a world over run by Zombies - one of whom just happens to be a kick-ass action star with a taste for Mozart.

Okay, so it's very cliched, and the animation is crude (compared to say, Pixar) and the 'science' is pathetic and it's really geeky and all, but I love it anyway - especially those first two episodes (check out the fight scenes with Dies Irae playing in the background).

As Xombie's become more popular, the quality of Jamie Farr's work has, in my opinion, deteriorated a bit (he's started taking himself too seriously, started to stick too closely to the formula), so that the last few episodes have been fairly disappointing. This new one is a partial return to form however (the flashback scenes are totally brilliant) and overall the series is worth a watch. After all, where else can you find animation that so lovingly captures the sight of eyeballs exploding and jawbones flying through the air.


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