Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Mystery of the Disappearing Post

A post I put up two days ago seems to have disappeared, and I don't have any way of accessing it now, so I'm just going to put down the gist of it and move on.

The main point of the post was that the latest episode of Xombie is out, said Xombie being an animated feature on the Internet which I claimed combined (if memory serves) the Matrix, H.G. Wells and Dawn of the Dead. The rest of the post was basically an unabashed plug for the series which made the points that:

a) I really loved the first two episodes, especially the bit where they're playing Mozart's requiem.

b) I think the quality of the series has deteriorated as it's become more popular, but this latest episode represents a partial return to form

c) It's a silly and awkward series in many ways, but I still enjoy it, and would strongly recommend that you take the time to check it out.

I'm still hoping that the post will return from the undead and reappear on the blog in the same inexplicable manner in which it disappeared. In case that doesn't happen though - there's always this.

P.S. The original post is back, btw, I managed to find it in some obscure corner of the web.



Pareshaan said...

Yeah there was something wrong with that post, read and saw Nephtys and fell in love, so wanted to thank you but could not. Since you reposted, thought I'd take the opportunity. Xombie's is great - and Nephtys, oooooh!

Anonymous said...

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