Saturday, February 25, 2006

Random Thought # 461

If there's a Hell, does it have ushers?

"Good evening, madam, may I help you? Ah, yes, let me see now. That would be in the fourth circle, centre section. Walk up these stairs here - it's the 214th row from the back, you'll be next to that gentlemen with the leeches stuck all over his naked body. You're welcome. Have an unpleasant eternity!"



Anonymous said...

Never imagined a more polite ushering in to hell..
Randomly inconsistent indeed!.. :-)

Mahjabeen said...

Thats quite a visual!

Hiren said...

These days hell is on earth. Jessica la's murderers got away scotfree. Our judicial system is the usher.

Inkblot said...

Good evening sir. You've booked the VIP box. Could we offer you a glass of our finest firefetish-its guaranteed to leave the last taste you'll evr have on your tongue and a plate of our flinching fireflies?
Bon appetit!
And did I mention, that the box opens out only on the inside, so remember to visit the men's room before you go in.

Falstaff said...

Anon: Thanks. After all, they're just condemning them to suffer for all eternity. There's no reason they can't be polite and professional about it.

Mahjabeen: Yes, Bosch is stunning, isn't he?

Hiren: Well, now, if you're going to be SERIOUS about it...I'm not sure that earth hasn't always been hell. What was it Auden said: "Don't you dream of a world, a society, with no coercion? / Yes, where a foetus is able to refuse to be born"

Inkblot: Ah, so THAT's how they do it - none of this fire and brimstone stuff you hear so much about - hell is an eternity spent with a full bladder.

Anonymous said...

Your definition of hell seems pretty alluring..
Probably, it aint that bad afterall..

Anonymous said...

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