Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Things I read today / A link in time deserves another nine

1) Coetzee in the NYRB on Marquez, and through him, on Cervantes and Kawabata. Talk about Nobel Prize overload. Am very kicked because Coetzee discusses the connection between Delgadina and Dulcinea that I wrote about in my review here. Stockholm, here I come!

2) This gorgeous Louise Gluck poem on Slate. Also, on Slate, a round-up of un-pretty love poems down the ages - notable for Bishop's glorious take on Casabianca and that stunningly beautiful Keats poem Pinsky close with.

3) Rana Dasgupta's Tokyo Cancelled, which I finally got around to reading, and which I've reviewed here (says he, in an act of shameless self-promotion)

4) My copy of Robert Lowell's Collected Poems (all 1186 pages of it) that arrived last week:

Dark swallows will doubtless come back killing
the injudicious nightflies with a clack of the beak;
but these that stopped full flight to see your beauty
and my good if they knew our names -
they'll not come back. The thick lemony honeysuckle,
climbing from earthroot to your window,
will open more beautiful blossoms to the evening;
but dewdrops, trembling, shining, falling,
the tears of day - they'll not come back...
Some other love will sound his fireword for you
and wake your heart, perhaps, from its cool sleep;
but silent, absorbed, and on his knees,
as men adore God at the altar, as I love you -
don't blind yourself, you'll not be loved like that.

- Robert Lowell, 'Will not come back'

5) The journal article that this news report in the New York Times points to (hat tip: Veena). Which turns out to be valid for 50 - 79 year old, post-menopausal women, thank you very much.

6) Lee Siegel's hilarious take on the letters that publishers send to book reviewers with advance copies of books.

7) The news that Dianne Reeves won a Grammy for the soundtrack to Good Night and Good Luck. Maybe there is something to these award shows after all? (Naah, it's obviously a fluke).

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aquamarine said...

I managed to browse through the links mentioned in 1 and 7. (thx to wrk restrictions)Obviously Coetzee grabbed my attention. And yeah, will wait for your review on Good Night and Good Luck, if that ever happens.

Falstaff said...

AquaM: hope you managed to get to the other links. They're worth it.

I don't think I'm going to review Good Night and Good Luck now (it's been many, many months since I watched it) but I will say that the score is terrific - Dianne Reeves sings a set of mindblowing jazz standards and the sound is all dense and smoky and lamplit. I noticed it even in the movie, but I had the thrill of actually hearing her sing some of those numbers at a concert a month or two back, and it totally took my breath away. Highly, highly recommended

aquamarine said...

fantastic! and yeah will certainly look up the other links as well.

aquamarine said...

HEy have you watched Corpse Bride and what's with ur big Hmph for Munich? (Oscar Picks, Feb 01, 06)