Friday, February 29, 2008

Dear John McCain

I realize it's a bad year for the Republicans and you're probably not going to be able to afford advertising on your own. So I thought I'd put together an ad that you could use to make your pitch for President. I think it makes the perfect case for why we need someone like you in power. Best of luck!

Oh, by the way, the last five seconds or so have a picture of me - sorry about that but we couldn't find one of you. But you should be able to replace that easily.



P.S. Seriously, what is the woman thinking?

UPDATE: The PhD version.


Szerelem said...

She obviously wasn't.

Space Bar said...

ok, just for one quease-inducing second, i thought you were doing the maanga template. it's the good thing hilary send her love instead of her regards. very reassuring that was.

Anonymous said...

For the rest of the election season, I demand that you end posts with: "I am Falstaff, and I approve this post".

Chevalier said...

which just goes on to show that 'republican' and 'democrat' are just labels and you're only as good as your last opponent :-)

or maybe the Clinton campaign just has a large bowl in their office with all kinds of message ideas dumped in it, and every day they pick one at random. 'Anything, anything at all?'

Falstaff said...

szerelem: :-).

SB: Huh?

anon: Ah, but what makes you think I approve of anything I say on this blog?

chevalier: Oh, I wouldn't go so far. There are real and important differences between the Republican and Democrat agendas, which is the reason why one hopes the Democrat nominee - whoever he / she might be - wins over McCain. It's just that every now and then you have to wonder whether Hillary isn't in the wrong party.

The Clinton campaign idea bowl picture may be entirely true though. The irony is that not only does this ad play straight into McCain's hands by setting up the perfect argument for why he should be president, it also reaffirms what Obama's been saying about Washington politics and the need to break out of a particular mindset. Not that I think Obama is capable of doing that, but if you're trying to convince people that he's wrong, putting out an ad that comes straight out of the Republican primer seems like a bad idea.

Ronna said...

Good words.