Thursday, February 14, 2008

Go and shoot a falling satellite

So apparently the US is going on a turkey shoot in space. Not only do they plan to shoot down a falling satellite (which just happens to contain half a ton of a lethal fuel), they plan to do it using a technique they've never employed before, using instruments that have only been used in carefully controlled conditions and technology that is undergoing "modifications that are still under way". But not to worry, if they do miss the first time, they will have time for a second shot, maybe even a third. What could possibly go wrong?

Sources close to the Pentagon also report that the armed forces are reaching out to John Carpenter to direct the whole operation.

Of course, the authorities say they've looked at the risks and found that "broadly speaking, they are negligible." Now remember, this is the same administration that was convinced that there were WMDs in Iraq, so you can draw your own conclusions about how broad "broadly speaking" can be. One can only hope that Dick Cheney isn't overseeing the operation. Otherwise we might end up shooting the moon in the back of its head.

Ah well. Mustn't be pessimistic. I'm sure the whole thing will go off without a glitch. And if all else fails, they could always use the force.


km said...

Oh this will be a walk in the park. We have the tekmology.

Anonymous said...

I guess it's perfectly A-Okay when the US does it. Those Chinese on the other hand, cannot be trusted to know a satellite from a flying duck.

Tabula Rasa said...

i differ with lekhni. the chinese are experts in duck.

Anonymous said...

TR: You are right :) Though I'm not sure if the Chinese came up with Peking duck.

Let's say "Flying Dutchman" then..