Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Infamous Five

Sigh. First Space Bar, then Anindita. I suppose I'm going to get no peace till I do this silly tag. So here:

The Family



My Love

Something I like
(and posts that follow)

So there.


Space Bar said...

:D and so gracefully you've done it too!

Anindita said...

:D can't believe we actually got you to do that.

Falstaff said...

SB: Yes, well, that's me all over isn't it. Even-tempered. Good-natured. Never heard to complain.

anindita: It's not that much of an achievement, you know. Contrary to what you say on your blog, I usually do do tags - this one just struck me as particularly dull, which is the only reason I've been resisting it.

Anindita said...

Yes, I realized (ironically, because of the tag) that you do do some tags. Still, as you said, this one was a bit mundane so I tagged you almost perversely, fully expecting you not to do it.

samira said...

I read your blog off and on, often wondering at your ability to put a lucid spin on things I feel so strongly about, and often laughing hysterically.
I love the post about the Day and Night Falstaffs - reminded me of Woolf's beautiful line about many selves.

Falstaff said...

anindita: Yes, well, one can't go around living up to expectations, can one?

Meanwhile, I realized that this is all Space Bar's fault. She tagged black mamba, who tagged anasuya who tagged you. Insert obligatory comment about small worlds.

samira: Thanks. And yes, was clearly thinking of Woolf, as the title of the post suggests.

Space Bar said...

Why's this my fault?! Lekhni started it all.

And you do realise, don't you, that you now have to do an Old Me, New Me post as a companion piece to Day and Night Falstaff.