Saturday, February 09, 2008

She plays jazz

She plays jazz 'cos she cannot play the blues.

She plays jazz like a long distance runner with a pair of new shoes.

Like a child woman, wild woman, woman breaking loose.

She plays jazz 'cos she cannot play the blues.

She plays bass like a lover, fingering his heart; holds it in her arms and plucks its neck like a goose.

She plays bass like it was the humming of the earth, thunder in a cave, a growling deep inside her like a river of bad news.

She plays bass 'cos she cannot play the blues.

She plays music like it was blood with fingers, like it was soul with a thump; like it was all that she had in her, all she knew how to do.

She plays jazz because she's too precious, too young, too heartless, too new; too I-don't-know, something - you choose.

She plays jazz 'cos she cannot play the blues.


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Anonymous said...

haha, you have no idea how much I enjoyed this.


km said...

Right on.

Crp said...

She can't play the blues cause she ain't from ol' Chicago town, her baby got most of his teeth still and he don't weigh 400 pound.

She never shot no man in Memphis, an ivy league college is where she been, When she woke up this mornin' and ask for water her baby don't give her gasoline.

She know more than just a pentatonic scale and she know more than just three chord, besides twelve bar blues is so deathly boring, so deathly boring Oh lordy lord.

She's just plain tired of the bluse man, specially cause she plays the bass, If you're hip or if you're really pissed, you better be playing jazz.

--Apologies for recycling an old joke

Falstaff said...

v: Thanks

km: Ya, I thought you'd appreciate it.

crp: Lovely. And I love the link as well.

Anonymous said...

Ok as much "dense" as this might make me sound were these lyrics set keeping Bob Dylan in mind?

Or am I missing the point altogether?

Kits said...

Very very nice.I'm reading u after a long time and its this is lovely to read :)

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wow!! really enjoyed this, thanks