Monday, February 25, 2008

Fairy Tale

In the beginning God created the Gingerbread House.

And the door of the house was of chocolate, and candy was on its face.

And God looked at the Gingerbread House and knew that it was good.

Then God created Hansel and Gretel that they may dwell in the House.

And She said to them: "Of all that thou seest before thee thou may freely eat.

But of the Oven of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, thou shalt not eat of it, that alone I forbid thee, for it is surely death."

And the days of Hansel and Gretel in the Gingerbread House were many, and there had they much sport.

But a serpent more subtle than others came unto Gretel and said to her: "Beware! for thy life lieth in peril. Not the first art thou to live in the Gingerbread House. Go look in the Oven that God had forbidden thee and there shalt thou find the truth of what I have spoken."

So the children looked into the Oven, and lo! there were the bones of the children who had come before them, and little flesh was left on them.

Then were Hansel and Gretel frightened and they did hide from God.

But God was aware of their fear, and She walked through the house calling: "Wherefore dost thou hide from me, my little ones? Who has taught thee to be afraid of thy Maker? Hast thou peered into the Oven of the Knowledge of Good and Evil as I had forbid thee? Then for this sin shalt thou perish"

And God chased Hansel and Gretel all through the Gingerbread House, but the children were clever and they lured God into the Oven and locked Her inside.

Then were Hansel and Gretel sad for they knew that they must leave the Gingerbread House. And the Serpent came unto them and said "Fear not, my children, for I shall lay a trail of bread crumbs from this house to a place where thee may live safely, and if thou shalt follow this trail thou shalt be saved"

And so the Serpent laid a trail of bread crumbs, but the Arch-Sparrow Michael and the Arch-Sparrow Gabriel who were servants of the Lady did see the crumbs and swallow them, so that when Hansel and Gretel came to the edge of the forest they could not find the trail.

Thus did Hansel and Gretel come to leave the Gingerbread House, and were lost in the forest forever after.


one trick pony said...

hahhahaha fantastic. though, i am curious to learn more about how the clever children lured God into the Oven.

Space Bar said...

i hope the serpent was made of liquorice. deviant liquorice.

Unmana said...


Unmana said...

And oh, you've been tagged.

Anonymous said...

Have you read 'Savitri' (the epic poem)? Just curious.

??! said...

Were they eventually eaten by Gummi-bears? Or did they survive on the eggs handed out by the Easter bunny?

Space Bar said...

wait. you're celebrating Tell A Fairy Tale Day now?

Falstaff said...

OTP: They read Her some Sylvia Plath. After that She had to go put her head in the Oven.

SB: "Deviant liquorice"? Is that what you've been smoking?

unmana: Thanks. And oh no!

anon: No. Should I have?

??!: Well, actually, if you must know, Gretel looked back as they were leaving and was turned into a pillar of hard candy.

SB: Heh. No, no, pure coincidence, I assure you.

Space Bar said...

damn. i meant to say 'sentient liquorice'. :D and no smoking, promise.

Unmana said...

yes, yes...

km said...

And Pa and Ma Falstaff worry when you don't post?

//loved the "God chasing the two kids around the house" image.

Winnie the poohi said...


How come the swallow didnt eat the ginger bread palace ?

Anonymous said...

Dude, do you have any idea why the poetry website “minstrels” isn’t being updated?

nehaj said...

[this is good]

Anonymous said...

Considering your passion for poetry I thought you would have read this book-long poem

Here's the link should you be interested

dipali said...

Talk about reinvention- this was great fun:)