Friday, February 15, 2008

Dies Irae

I don't normally post youtube videos on this blog, but saw this one while searching for stuff for the comments thread on ??!'s blog, and thought it was the perfect bit of palate cleansing for the day after Valentine's. I've always been fond of Jenkin's setting of Dies Irae - I never cease to find the juxtaposition of the latin text and the discotheque-like beat amusing. Plus I think the Alfred Kubin images are a considerable value add, don't you?


Space Bar said...

what i thought was really weird was the slow, doordarshan speed zooms in and out and orthodox pans over those very deathly images.

palate cleansing? i don't know. myrrh instead of lemon.

Anonymous said...

i liked this one. after the syrupy sweetness of valentine's day.

Anonymous said...

hey falsie, did a little math...just 38 posts before you hit 4 digits. Now you better treat us all to something special on the occasion.

Falstaff said...

SB: Ya, that was annoying wasn't it?

anon: Thanks

anon2: I'm afraid you've got the math a little wrong, largely, I suspect because you counted the 2008 posts twice - it's actually more like 79 posts still to go. And don't worry, I will.

??! said...

Linked? Moi? From this blog??!

....giggles, swoons and falls down in a tizzy.