Friday, August 05, 2005

Is that three zeros or four?

Hmmm...just received notice from the university billing department reminding me that I still haven't paid my bill for July. Apparently if I don't pay up by today they'll start charging me interest at some exorbitant rate.

Just one problem - the total amount of the bill is, exactly, $0.00. (Yup, that's zero, nil, zilch) So I'm not entirely sure how I'm supposed to pay it. Will they take a cheque, I wonder? Maybe I could charge it to my credit card and then when it comes due there I could make a transfer for the full amount from my bank account. Or maybe I could transfer it to another credit card. Could I split it among multiple cards, do you think? Maybe I could take out a mortgage or something (I don't actually own any property, but how much collateral could you need for a loan of nothing anyway?). Or get a loan. I need real financial advice here people. I can already see an infinity of meaningless transaction stretching out before me.

On the other hand, I could just let them keep charging me interest on this. Let's see at a 20% monthly charge compounded for four years, a principal of $0.00 will come to, roughly, $0.00. Hmm... that doesn't sound so bad. I wonder if it'll hurt my credit rating?

Why are people so stupid?


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