Saturday, August 06, 2005

Johann Sebastian Bach

What is Bach like?

You ask.

Like emptiness dancing,
Like ghosts on a trapeze.

Like the collapse of beauty
In a geometry forever.

Like a feather on the whirlwind.

Like a mirror unbroken
In a room of sunbeams.

Like the breathless rose
That blossoms between lovers –
The first petals of touch
In a new winter.

- November 2003

What an amazing day I had yesterday! Watched Ingmar Bergman's glorious, glorious Saraband (my review here). Then came home and sat for hours listening to Bach's Cello Suites and re-reading Ted Hughes' Crow (extract here)



Heh Heh said...

you've taken to blogging like a fish takes to water, my friend. now, why did i think this was inevitable? :)

Falstaff said...


Sab aap hi ki kripa hai sarkaar.

It is awl thenks to your blay-sings wonly.

meditativerose said...

Though it might also have sthing to do with the fact that you like to give fundas and expound on everything under the sun or nothing in particular, and maybe also a little bit with the fact that you have all the time in the world (can anyone spot the jealousy :( )
Also, see you're trying to be non-pseud :)

Falstaff said...

MR: What do you mean trying? I'm totally non-pseud. Or rather, I'm ultra-pseud - I'm so pseud that I know that being pseud is non-pseud and being non-pseud is pseud. In other words, I'm sophisticated.

P.S. You think I could be sued for saying pseud so many times in a comment?

P.P.S: Oh, ya, check out today's post (August 7th, 2005) for a response to your other points.

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